Free Rice for the Hungry!

I’ve just learned of an innovative way for your kids to practice a variety of academic skills while helping to feed those in desperate need of food.


The United Nations World Food Programme has created a site called By going to this site and practicing vocabulary, math, a language, etc., your kids will earn rice that will be distributed to those in need.

There is not cost to you.

I’ve created a group of KidWrite. To join, you go to and sign-up by creating a userid and password. (Your child must be at least 14 so you will need to help.)

Once your child has an account, have him/her click on the KidWrite group.

Then they can choose any category and quiz themselves while earning free rice!

The only thing KidWrite gets from this is the satisfaction of knowing our writing community is participating in a program that will really make a difference in such an overwhelming problem.


  • ·      Go to and create a sign in
  • ·      Log in and Select KIDWRITE as a group
  • ·      Test yourself in any category and watch your rice bowl fill
  • ·      Ask your non-KidWrite friends to sign up and join the KidWrite group, too
  • ·      Let’s see how much rice we can donate through the World Food Programme.

Let’s do what we can to end this problem!

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