What Kids Are Reading

Kids today supposedly don’t read.  I’m sure there are kids out there who do nothing but play video games with every spare moment, but I haven’t met those kids yet.  The kids I meet are engaged in reading.  They’re also articulate about the books they like, as well as about the books they don’t like.

Perennial favorites are the Magic Tree House series, the Wimpy Kid books, and the Stilton books.  Star Wars and Pokemon books also ranked highly.  There were also quite a few Dr. Seuss fans, and who can blame them?

In KidWrite we often pick a series and read from that series so that we can compare the characters and the stories. I encourage the kids to speak about what we’ve read because I want them to view reading as a social activity. Sure, it’s something you can do on your own. It’s also something can do with a friend. At the very least you can talk about what you’ve read and share your insights.

The very best part of reading? It’s a lifelong activity that you can take with you. Visit the KidWrite Book Club for more books, reviews, and reading-related activities.

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