The Eric Carle Museum

Hungry CaterpillarYou’re probably familiar with Eric Carle through his amazing body of work. His picture books broke new ground and continue to be among the favorites of young children.

What you may not know is that Carle has founded a museum dedicated to the art of the picture book.  The Eric Carle Museum is located in Amherst, Massachusetts.  It includes work from picture book artists around the world.  There are a number of permanent exhibits, along with a gallery devoted to changing exhibitions.  The museum also has a huge picture book library, activities for kids who visit, story time, and a theater with presentations.  We haven’t visited yet but it’s at the top of our list.

Picture books appeal to all of us.  There is a quality to them that draws the attention of kids who are technically “too old” for the story or the words themselves.  For younger kids, grades K through 3, there is an appeal to them as the stepping stones to reading fluency. That’s because there are many picture books that tell a more complicated story with more sophisticated language, yet set against a picture book background that feels comfortable and familiar.
The Museum Resources section includes lists of picture books that will be of interest to you.  There’s also anActivities page and a Virtual Tour.

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