eReaders and Your Child

Five years ago it was nearly unthinkable that a child would be reading books on an eReader.  The books that were out there were for adults and the readers themselves were expensive.  At the time, eReaders were not part of the mainstream thinking when it came to books in general and literature in particular.

Fast forward to today and the big news in publishing is that now sells more ebooks than physical books.  With the distribution of the free Kindle App for a variety of platforms, anyone with a Kindle library can now view those books not just on the Kindle, but on the iPad, their PC, their Mac, their Android, or their iPhone – among others. Barnes & Noble also has the Nook.

Analysts are calling Jeff Bezos’ move to distribute a free Kindle App one of the gutsiest of the decade and predicting that in the not too far future, over 90% of all ebooks purchased will be purchased from Amazon and read via the Kindle App on something other than a Kindle.
Where does this leave your child?
For one thing, they no longer need a special-purpose reader to read a book that is in digital form.  They can read it on any computer.  A computer you already own and did not have to specially equip for the function.
For another, the library of available titles at is growing daily.  There’s plenty of content out there, for the adult who is a reading fanatic or the child who has a book report due tomorrow and the library and bookstore don’t have a copy on the shelves.
As for the price point?  Amazon has established a price point that is less than a physical book, but more than a freebie.  They’ve got consumers who not only expect to pay something, but are willing to pay something for the convenience of a digital book.
Maybe it’s time to consider an eBook for your child this weekend.

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