Reading With Your Child

For some reason, most parents stop reading to their children as soon as they achieve fluency.  This makes sense because a child often is so excited to be able to read on their own, they see being read to as a “baby” thing.  But if you think about it, there’s something to be said for continuing to read with or to your child.  The trick is in knowing how to pick the book or magazine that appeals to them. 

Once kids reach about 4th or 5th grade, they either are reading constantly or have put books aside for other interests.  From what I observe, the trick to keeping kids engaged with books is to give them something to think about in the books they read.  Often the books that will hold their interest are just a bit above their level.  So – why not read with your child?  You can read a page, then they read a page.  This way you get to spend time together and your child has a chance to see that a book that looks hard may not actually be that hard at all.

It even makes sense to read some books aloud to a child of this age.  The trick is to pick a book or magazine article that will attract their interest.  Chances are good they’ll continue reading on their own.  But if not, why not read together?  Either you can take turns reading or you and your child can read the same book or article, making time to talk about what you’ve read from time to time and comparing your thoughts.
Kids heading toward middle school are getting more and more involved with their friends. A good book or magazine could be one of the  bridges that keep you close.

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