Book Club/Book Talks/Writing Wkshps

It’s nearly the end of the school year. I’ve been adding more books and reading-related articles to the Book Club. There are posts and reviews for parents, as well as posts and reviews for kids. (That way, you can both get the info you need about a book or series.) Posts and reviews include links to author, publisher, and/or activity sites, too. Click on the Book Club tab to see it all. I mean, summer reading might as well be fun! 

KidWrite is also offering a series of Book Talks and Mini-Writing Workshops in Rockville and Bethesda this summer. You can learn more about those by clicking on the Home menu tab or this link to the KidWrite site. The whole scheduling-summer-camp-at-the-elementary-school thing has never gone very well. I’m hoping these Talks and Workshops will be just the thing to fit into busy summer schedules.

The KidWrite programs for fall are available on the KidWrite site, too. There is a link for more info and registration, so if there is something you want to know, please click the button or email or call me.

Hope we’re off to a fabulous summer!


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