Let's Get Writing

The KidWrite program is designed to help your child develop a skill set that will take that child through Kindergarten and beyond. Our goal is to accomplish this in a way that makes it more fun than painful – especially becausKW Writing Icone this is a program that takes place outside of the regular school day. We create a relaxed atmosphere where serious work gets done.

If you come into the room, you may see some kids writing and illustrating while others are illustrating and writing, while still others are writing. That’s because some of our kids are more comfortable telling their story with pictures and few words, while others are using words but still want pictures, and others are happiest with words alone. That’s fine. The goal is to get each child to the next level for that child while making all feel confident about their work. 

The best part? When the kids are excited to share what they’ve written!

You an do some KidWrite work at home if you’d like. It’s as simple as asking your child to write about the day at school, what the best part of being a kid is, or what they really hope will happen tomorrow. Don’t rush to correct spelling, punctuation, handwriting – whatever. Enjoy the story. Enjoy hearing what your child has to say. The more confident they are in their ability to write, the more comfortable they will be when they are required to write something in a given amount of time during the school day for a grade. Once they have that confidence, they will feel free to ask you if they needed a comma or if a word is spelled correctly.

Think about it this way. If you were just learning to ice skate, you wouldn’t have time to worry about whether or not you did a perfect figure eight. You’d be struggling just to stay on your feet. It’s the same with writing. There are a lot of steps that require mastery before your child is able to worry about the fine points. With your encouragement at each stage, they will be eager to reach the next.

– Gina


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