Activities for the Week of Aug 11

Birthday Cake_lWhy the birthday cake? Because my birthday is this week! For some fun, we’ll have celebration-related writing activities this week!

Pre-K Crowd: These little guys tend to take things literally. Start talking about their birthday and they’ll be ready for a party. Why not get a few birthday books to read with them. This list from Goodreads should get you started. If your child finds something in one of the books especially intriguing, throw a birthday party for a stuffed animal or pet. The main thing is to imagine something and make it happen. Have fun! 

Grade K-1: This group is anticipating the start of the school year. Why not plan an End of Summer Celebration? It can be a tea party, a picnic, a dinner, a lunch, even a special breakfast. Whatever time works for your family to come together. You can serve something as simple as cookies and milk. The writing part? Have your child make a list of the things you’ll need or serve at the celebration. The list can be in words, words and pictures, or pictures alone. Then have your child consult the list as they bring the plan to life. The idea is to have the writing be an integral part of the fun.

Grade 2: These kids have experience with school. They’re old enough to worry about who will be in class with them. A Back-to-School Celebration is just the thing! They can invite a few friends, or keep it in the family. If they’re inviting friends, one writing activity can be invitations that include the time, date, place, and reason for the celebration. They can also make a list of the things they’ll need. And finally, they can write to this prompt: What will be special about your celebration?

Grade 3-5: I’m a firm believer that you’re never too old for a good celebration. However, this group can write about previous experiences if you’d like instead. Here are some more back-to-school prompts. Kids this age also understand that their birthday may be months away, but that doesn’t mean they can’t anticipate the party they’ll have. If that’s the case, have them write about what their best party would be. You can also ask them to write about their best party ever. Remember. They need an opening sentence, three details, and a closing sentence. Consider this a warm up for school. Just let them write and enjoy what they have to say!

If school has already started where you live, why not celebrate a successful start to the school year? You can never have enough celebrations. Your kids are only kids once. Have fun!

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