Activities for the Week of Nov 03

Autumn Owls_lWelcome to November! It’s fully fall down here near DC. The leaves are swirling and the air is crisp. I still don’t understand what would make the Pilgrims decide to sit down to a huge dinner outside at the end of the month–in New England, no less! Still, while we are snug inside, let’s consider what it would take to explore someplace new.

Pre-K: There are some truly adorable stories in action for kids this age. One of them is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” by Michael Rosen. This book has plenty of opportunities for action. You can see a video of the story as told by Michael Rosen. The main thing is to act the story out with your child. You can also make up a story of your own. You slink around the couch, hide behind a chair, stomp up and down the stairs, turn off the lights in the hall and use flashlights to show the way… Let your child add some of the ideas, too!

K-Grade 1: These kids are not too old to enjoy the bear hunt described for the Pre-K set. They are also old enough to imagine what they would need if they were going to explore a new place. Pick a planet, an island in the middle of the ocean, or the top of a tall mountain. Ask your child what he/she would need to take, what he/she would hope to find, and how he/she would let the people at home know what was going on. You’ll be surprised by the answers! Oh! Don’t forget the map of the 100 Acre Woods in Winnie the Pooh! That’s also a great way to get your child thinking of places to explore!

Grade 2: This group is definitely into larger than life adventuring. Ask your child to imagine he/she is a pirate or a Viking heading out to plunder or explore new lands. What would he/she take along. What would he/she be looking for in the new land? What would he/she do once it was discovered? Not into plundering or exploring by ship? How about being a Native American looking for a good place to camp during a hunt? What would he/she need? The main thing is to get those imaginations running!

Grades 3-5: These kids can be very practical. They will give you a precise supply list if you pick a place that is known. For instance, to explore Mars they will need a rover, a space suit, some astronaut food … So. Pick a place that is not known. Ask them to tell you about their needs for an explore into a different dimension, the center of the Earth, onto a speck of dust. Sometimes it’s fun to brainstorm with a friend or sibling, so encourage that if that’s what your child is into. When the supply list and expedition goals are set, ask your child to share them with you!

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