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KidWrite is going online! Starting with the free September newsletter, we’ll be providing the materials you need to inspire word-loving, avid-reading, confident-writing kids! The materials will be in the form of a monthly newsletter with Common Core-friendly content that’s geared to kids of different ages. The activities will cover the skills they need in a way that makes it natural for you to incorporate the activities in your routine.

GlobalExplorer_lSeptember is the first newsletter. The theme is Our World. There will be material in this newsletter for kids from age 0 to grade 12. Other newsletters, with content designed for specific ages and interests, will also be offered. The newsletter is free and will be delivered directly to you once you Subscribe at subscribe.

Why do I do this? Because I’m a writer who loves kids. It makes me so sad to meet kids who are convinced that writing is too hard and reading is no fun because I’m a huge fan of both. And – kids need these skills! I know from working with kids that these activities help them to view language arts in an entirely new way.

I won’t use the email addresses for any other purposes. If you’re curious about what the newsletter will be like, take a look at some activity newsletters. Summer Mar 23  If you’d like to see my work there’s some at, as well as at my AmazonAuthor site.

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