National Dog Day


Now this  is a holiday we can all get behind. Whether or not you have a dog, you can still do some doggy things. You can:

  • Tiny Tots – read some board books about dogs! You’ll see some suggestions on
  • Pre-K – have them tell you a story about a dog. You start a sentence and let them finish it. Take the story where it leads you!
  • Help your little kids write a story about a dog. Then have them illustrate it. Or better yet, have them draw the pictures first, then act as a scribe as they tell you what the pictures “say.”
  • Your mid-kids can write a full story of their own. Help them make a book out of paper by folding it in half, or in smaller sections and then cutting the top of the pages to make a mini-book. Have them illustrate it, too.
  • Big kids can make a more complicated story about a dog. If they sit there staring at you with no idea what to do, ask them to write a story about what happens when a dog, a turtle, and a frog all meet together beside a pond one windy day.

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