Science + Writing = Organization

Organization is one of the six traits of strong writing. This video from WhizKidScience gives your kids something to write about – in the sense of an interesting idea as well as an opportunity to practice organization in writing.

Watch this video with your kids. If the talking distracts them, have them watch it without the soundtrack. The important thing is for your child to observe the steps taking place on the screen – sort of like watching as someone makes a batch of brownies or something else from a recipe.

Once the video is over, have them describe the steps to set up the experiment. Have them use those steps to try the experiment on their own. If they get the same results, they know they’ve written clear instructions!

Next – have them write about what they observed at the end of the experiment. They can draw a diagram and use colored pencils to make it clear what they say.

Last but not least Рhave your child write a best guess about what happened. How did the water get into the empty cups? What happened to the water level in the other cups? What color is the water in the formerly empty cup?

Plenty to think about. Plenty to write about. A home run on all counts!

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