National Adoption Month

snow-blog-smallNovember is National Adoption Month – a time to celebrate adoption as a way of creating families. My family is an adoptive family. I have three children, two of whom are adopted – I forget which ones. Seriously, the love, affection, and strong ties in our adoptive family are every bit as real and forever as those in non-adoptive families.

The thing is, adoption is just one of the many special-situation topics that receive scant attention in public schools – or in teacher training. SO, perhaps you could fit in a mini-chat about adoption with your kids. The chat will take on different aspects depending upon the age of your child, the type of adoption, and the circumstances of the adoption, but the primary message is that some kids don’t look like their parents – at all – because they joined their family through adoption.

If you go a bit deeper, since the most noticeable adoptive families have children from other races and countries (most – not all), you could add that there was a birth mom who made an adoption plan before the baby was even born. The mom/family that child is with now is the only mom/family that child has ever known. They are a forever family just the same as yours.

There’s a version of “Are You My Mother?” for transracial adopted kids. It’s called “A Mother for Choco.” I’m not saying that adoption only comes in this configuration. It comes in  many. I am saying that the more noticeable the adoption is, the more it makes sense to give some background info to your child.

Adoption is the way we formed our family. It is something we are grateful for each November. Here’s to you and your family!