Gina Hagler is a published author and freelance writer. She founded KidWrite! in 2007 as a way to reinforce and build upon the writing instruction children receive in school each day. She wanted to create a program that children would look forward to after a day of school. She was convinced that the same methods that fostered creativity and learning in adult writers could be applied successfully to young writers.

Ms. Hagler augmented her own experience with coursework, training, and readings on methods for teaching writing. Her conclusion was that, while each had proven merits, none was ideally suited to an after school program. As a result, she created a program that focuses on a blend of writing, literature, and vocabulary activities. The program spirals – growing in complexity as your child masters each level of skills. This makes it possible for children to be supported or challenged as they participate in KidWrite! It also makes it possible for a child to join at any time and to show steady improvement over one session or several.

The KidWrite! program incorporates reading, vocabulary, and writing in different mixes for different ages. The point is not to turn out writers who can fill a page with writing when they are asked. The point is to turn out writers who will fill a page with exemplary writing when they are asked because they are confident enough to express themselves in writing and are excited to share what it is they have to say.

Our curriculum includes Common Core, 6-Trait, and KW proprietary components. We also offer individual and small group tutoring.