ASL Storytime for Kids from Kidwrite!

KidWrite! is dedicated to inspiring word-loving, confident-writing, avid-reading kids. We do this by making reading and writing fun through a variety of means. One way is to have stories that are accessible to kids as a group. ASL Storytime for Kids is comprised of a series of free videos of books for young children that are signed in ASL, captioned, and read aloud. The book pages are also visible. In this way, kids can access the story in a variety of ways, sharing the experience of the story as they do.

Our videos are reviewed by ASL instructors or native ASL speakers. When possible, ASL native speakers, CODA, or ASL instructors who have volunteered their time to read their favorite story are the ones signing the stories. Some of the people signing are ASL students who have been overseen by their instructors. We are also reaching out to schools for the deaf, arts programs for the deaf, and universities with strong programs in ASL, for people who would like to sign a story.

Our videos are not intended to teach ASL. (We have links to sites that do.) Our videos are intended to make it possible for kids who sign and kids who don’t, to experience a story together. This will then allow them to participate in activities that build on that experience – hopefully activities that will foster a love of words, writing, and reading.

If you’d like to participate, please email me at KidWrite @ I’ll send our guidelines!