Dufief Fall 2015

Welcome to the Weekly Update page for Dufief Fall 2015. On this page you’ll find the Weekly Update. You can also use this link to reach the KidWrite Blog and this link to reach the KidWrite Facebook page. Both have ideas for writing activities you can do with your kids! In the next couple of days, I’ll be emailing each of you a link to your child’s work. – Gina

Weekly Update

Week 2: Today we used the work we did last week to learn about details that matter the most when giving a physical description. To do that, we took the drawings from last week and laid them out on a table. Then I read the descriptions each child had written about his/her drawing. The kids quickly spotted the details that mattered for a physical description.

Once we were done with the physical description picture identification, we played a guessing game. Each child had a chance to be “it” and describe something to the other players. The object of the game was to use three clues to physically describe a place, or an animal, or anything else. The better the “clues,” the more quickly the other kids could guess the object.

After our guessing game we wrote five details about ourselves. Since we can already see what each person looks like, we picked details that told more about ourselves. The kids did a terrific job. We shared them with each other and when something they didn’t know about a friend was mentioned, they raised their hand.

We spoke about how a physical description has different details than a character description.

All of that took a lot of time and effort on the part of the kids. We ended our time together talking about what a story needs. We decided it needs a beginning, a middle, and an end. Then we played Once Upon a Time to create a zany story together.

They asked for homework – really – so their homework is to play Once Upon a Time with you. It doesn’t have to be a factual story. It can be about a tiger named Bert who eats jellybeans while standing on his head. The point is to brainstorm and be relaxed about telling a story while including details that bring the story to life.

They are also going to ask you to play the Detail Guessing Game with them.

Your children are coming together into a group that listens to each other’s work with respect and attention. They also appreciate that a round of applause is welcome!

Week 1: First we listened to a story about a puppy who didn’t want to sleep alone on his first night. We howled like a puppy and thought about whether it was only the puppy who didn’t want to sleep alone. We also spoke about how the boy in the story knew what the puppy was thinking. The kids enjoyed the story and got to know each other a bit while we talked about the book.

Then we worked on something that will be used next week. Each child got an outline of a fish. The task was to use the colored pencils to create an awesome fish. They did a great job! When they were done, they each wrote a description of their fish. The descriptions all began with the sentence, “You’ll know my fish when you see it because”. Neither the fish nor the description had their names on the front. I coded the papers on the back. Next week we’ll read the descriptions and they’ll work together to match the description to the fish.

When the children finished the picture and description, they wrote about a pet they had or wished they had. They needed to include three reasons why. They realized that these were details that told why they wanted that particular pet.

Next week we’ll take a look at other types of details. The goal is to have them recognize that the right detail matters because it makes whatever is being described real to the reader.