KW Monday Camp Slideshow

What a great group of kids! They worked hard. They colored turtles and then wrote descriptions for a project we’ll complete tomorrow – even though they felt a bit silly doing it. Tomorrow they’ll see the project has to do with physical description versus character traits. Then the kids wrote a letter, introducing themselves to me. Those took a while so when the younger kids were done, they worked on mini-books for sight words they’ll need this year. We watched the beginning of Akeela and the Bee and spoke about how a story or movie starts with what is normal and then there is a problem or something that causes a change. We discussed what that could be. We also noticed that Akeela was getting teased for being smart and decided being smart is a GOOD thing! Then we talked about books they liked and how the book showed the “normal” and what the problem was when it was introduced. We’ll do more with that tomorrow. We’ll also did more writing.