Sum 15 Grades 9-12

SAT Vocabulary Boot Camp

To do well on the SAT, you need to have a good working vocabulary. We’ll tackle the most common words in a boot camp that includes, food, fun, and prizes. Think color war with words and you have the idea. Plus, if your child does not show substantial improvement, he or she can join us for a second boot camp – at no charge.

Skills: Vocabulary

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[maxbutton id=”38″] –> July 8, Bethesda^, 6 – 9 pm.

[maxbutton id=”39″] –> July 22, Rockville, 6 – 9 pm.

 August Registration begins June 30th.

Writing the College Application Essay

They’ve got the grades, the extra-curricular activities, their vision of the future. Now all they need is the essay. If your child has the prompt, we’ll write to that. If your child doesn’t, we’ll get everything together and ready to go. Let us suffer now, so you don’t have to in the fall.

Skills: Organization, Theme

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[maxbutton id=”40″] –> July 10, Bethesda*, 6 – 9 pm.

 August Registration begins June 30th.

Writing the High School Essay

These essays are tough. We can give your student some practice and some confidence, as well as the skills, to do the job right.

Skills: Structure, Sequencing, Organization

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[maxbutton id=”36″] –> July 16 & July 17, Gaithersburg, 7:30 – 9 pm.

[maxbutton id=”37″] –> July 20 & July 24, Rockville, 7:30 – 9 pm.

 August Registration begins June 30th.

Much Ado About Shakespeare

Shakespeare wrote so many wonderful plays and sonnets. In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at some memorable scenes and passages and talk about why they work.

Skills: Analysis, Characterization, Plot

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[maxbutton id=”41″] –> July 6, Bethesda*, 7:30 – 9 pm.

[maxbutton id=”42″] –> July 25, Rockville, 11:30 am – 1 pm.

 August Registration begins June 30th.

Bethesda* Workshops are held at The Writer’s Center.
Bethesda^ Workshops are held at Wyngate Elementary School.
Gaithersburg Workshops are held at Quince Orchard High School.
Rockville Workshops are held at Robert Frost Middle School.