Sum 15 Grades K-2

Once Upon a Time

The ability to tell a story is essential for any writer. Without a feel for a beginning,
a middle, and an end, it’s hard to organize your writing and get much of anything
done. For the youngest crowd we’ll meet twice during the week or once on a Saturday
to tell stories as a group and dictate or write and illustrate stories of our own.

Skills: Organization, Sequence, Detail

Registration Form

[maxbutton id=”20″] –>  July 6 & July 9th, Bethesda*, 5-6 pm.

[maxbutton id=”21″] –> July 13 & July 14, Gaithersburg, 5-6 pm.

[maxbutton id=”22″] –> July 20 & July 21, Rockville, 5-6 pm

August Registration begins June 30th.


Do You See What I See?

You can tell a kid that details are important, but just exactly what does that mean?
In this workshop we meet twice to work on descriptions. Our work will include the
use of details and just-the-right word.

Skills: Detail, Senses, Description

Registration Form

[maxbutton id=”23″] –>  July 11, Bethesda^, 10 am – 12 pm.

[maxbutton id=”24″] –> July 16 & July 17, Gaithersburg, 5-6 pm.

[maxbutton id=”25″] –> July 23 & July 24, Rockville, 5-6 pm

August Registration begins June 30th.

Bethesda* Workshops are held at The Writer’s Center.
Bethesda^ Workshops are held at Wyngate Elementary School.
Gaithersburg Workshops are held at Quince Orchard High School.
Rockville Workshops are held at Robert Frost Middle School.