Travilah Winter Program

KidWrite! was founded in 2007 with the goal of supporting kids in the development of strong writing skills. Since then, we’ve worked to create hundreds of word lovers—kids with strong vocabularies, an interest in reading, and confidence in writing.

In the KidWrite! Junior after school program for grades K-2 we’ll meet to explore genre, fact or fiction, main ideas, organization, supporting details, and other basics of strong writing. We’ll also talk about word choice, new words and more exact words to describe what we mean. We’ll discuss what makes a book a great book and be on the look out for books we love. Learning games will be part of the fun. We’ll also do a lot of writing of our own. The goal of KidWrite! Junior? To reinforce and expand upon what your child learns in school so that he or she is prepared for third grade.

The KidWrite program takes place after a day of learning, so we’ll enjoy a quick nut-free snack before we talk about books, word choice, and writing. Materials and snack will be supplied by KidWrite!

Our Winter session run from 3:30 – 4:30 on Friday afternoons, Jan 09 through Mar 20 (no class on Feb 27). The cost for the ten-week session is $200 per child, with class size limited to 10 children.

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For questions, contact Gina Hagler at or 301-762-0387.

Interested in KidWrite! for grades 3-5? Let us know!

Writing is an essential skill for this generation. It’s also a lot of fun. Please go online at to register your child for KidWrite Junior (K-2).