Tune Ups

All of us can use a bit of a refresher after a bit of a break. It’s no different if you’re taking up an old instrument or getting ready to go back to school.

We will get your child up and running for the new school year with one, two, or three workshops for the grade he/she is entering.

Here’s the scoop: Each workshop runs for 3 hours with materials, snacks, and fun included. The cost is $60 per workshop. Sign up via the link in the email you received OR contact me at KidWrite@gmail.com or 301-762-0387.

Entering 2nd – These little writers tend to wander from one idea to another. It’s not that easy to go from prompt to topic sentence to ideas that go with that topic sentence. A bit of practice certainly can’t hurt. Neither can pizza, ice pops, and a bit of social time.

Entering 3rd – These students get the prompt to thesis sentence part. It’s the details that belong and how to fit them in that’s a bit of a trick. We’ll give it a try–several in fact–along with pizza, ice pops, and a bit of social time. Check out Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Entering 4th – Now we’re getting serious. Spelling counts. Grammar counts. There’s a lot to think about when you put pencil to page. We’ll make it less intimidating–and yes, there will be pizza, ice pops, and a bit of social time.

Entering 5th – Getting ready for the big step up to middle school. By now your student should be able to walk and chew gum–figuratively. They will be writing essays and reports as they flex those muscles. We’ll get them warmed up. Pizza, ice pops, and a bit of social time are included.

Entering 6th – The big step into middle school is weeks away. If your child isn’t a bit nervous, you’ve got one calm kid. For the rest of them, we’ve got pizza, ice pops, social time, and some practice prompts to get them ready.

Looking for workshops for your older kids? Just let me know at KidWrite@gmail.com or 301-762-0387.