At KidWrite! it’s our mission to help your child become a confident writer and avid reader who loves words.

  • Our philosophy is simple: Children learn best when they’re enjoying themselves.
  • Our methods are proven: Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of kids improve their written work.
  • Our curriculum spirals with your child’s grasp of key concepts: We present material at increasing levels of complexity as your child masters the skills at each level.
  • We incorporate the Common Core Standards, 6-Traits, and our own components in our instruction.
  • Our instructors are writers and educators who enjoy working with kids.
  • Our goal is to create avid readers by making literature an integral part of our program from the start.
  • Our belief in the value of a strong vocabulary is put into action by instilling a love of words in your children.

At KidWrite! we build upon what your child is learning at school.

  • We believe that children who are confident and secure in their writing ability are children who will be successful as they move beyond elementary and middle school.
  • We’re aware that studies have shown that children who are readers are stronger writers.
  • We know the value of a robust vocabulary and work to instill a love of words in our students.

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At KidWrite we inspire word-loving, confident-writing, avid-reading kids!